Use preferred Locale for your users (Translation Workbench)



And the good news is that we can translate field labels,custom labels, custom settings, Picklist values etc. in multiple languages and can show to users in their preferred locale.

This is a small demo to translate field labels in Hindi, you are just 4 steps away!

1. Enable the Translation Workbench for your Org.

Go to: Setup -> Administer -> Translation workbench -> Translation settings

Enable Translation Workbench


Click on “Enable”.

2. Add Language Preference:

From Setup, Go To: Company Profile -> Language Settings

Choose your Language preference and add the language from available languages to displayed languages.

Language Preferences


Now these languages will be available for translations. Add required language from Translation Settings.

Go to: Setup -> Translation Workbench -> Translation Settings and add Language(s).

Added Languages
Added Languages


3. Configure/Override the Field-labels/Picklist Values/HelpTexts etc.

Go to: Setup -> Translation Workbench -> Translate

Select the filter criteria and configure translations.

Field Label Translation
Field Label Translation

(NOTE : Standard field-labels cannot be translated for Platform-only languages, for more details:


4. Update User Locale 

Go to: Setup -> Manage users -> Users and select an user.

Update user record with preferred Locale and Language.

Update User Locale
Update User Locale


Yeay!  you are done with the translation.

Now, you can see translated record field labels on each of your Account record for users who have Hindi as Default locale.

Translated Labels On Record
Translated Labels On Record

Similarly, Custom Labels, Custom Settings, Global Picklist Values, Picklists etc can be translated.

Languages supported by SFDC Workbench :

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