AuthorSwathi Melkundi

Platform Cache varient 2 – Org Cache


Continuing with Platform Cache…. 2. Org Cache : The second variant of Platform Cache is the Org Cache. Org Cache does the same thing of storing the data in session, but the data stored is accessible through out the org, irrespective of  user, which is not the case with Session Cache. If user1 is storing a  value1 in org cache, it is accessible by user2 also. We can have different partitions...

Platform Cache


Hi All, I would like to share one of the challenges that I faced recently. My requirement was to get a value from  first page to the third page in sequence. I thought of storing the value in custom setting, but there can be more than one user using the functionality at the same time. So not Done. Cookies did not work for me. I tried several other concepts and ended up using Platform Cache...