AuthorShweta Shinde

How to Integrate Pardot with WordPress via Contact Form 7


When you want to submit your form to third-party CRM like (pardot, Salesforce, MailChimp etc.) or if you want to change action URL of the form please following steps. To get this to work you need to have following things. 1.   WordPress website 2.  Contact Form7 Plugin – WordPress Plugin 3.  Forms: 3rd Party Integration – WordPress Plugin 4.  Pardot and the ability to create form handler 1...

What is REST API in PHP?


Before explaining what is ‘REST API‘ we should know what is ‘REST’ and ‘API’. REST stands for ‘Representational State Transfer’. REST is web standards-based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for exchanging data between applications or systems. It is a simple way to interact with independent systems. API stands for ‘Application Programming...