AuthorKiran Patil

Salesforce 1 Lightning Overview


This is the introductory post for new Salesforce 1 Lightning feature. Salesforce 1 Lightning provides component based framework and tools for developers as well as business people, which can be used for building apps, integrate data and automate the processes with Lightning fast speed. Lightning comprises of following technologies/terms/tools:- 1. Lightning Connect 2. Lightning App Builder 3...

Dubai experience as Salesforce Consultant


It’s all started with the client interview process. After interview I thought that I won’t be able crack this opportunity as the interview was tough and I couldn’t predict if the interviewer was satisfied with my answers or not. Then next day I got the news from Nishant that I have cracked it and I have to travel on the same weekend. I was in dilemma at that time, as I was happy that after taking...

What is the difference between Flow (or Visual Workflow) and Workflow?


Although workflow and visual workflow have similar names they are completely different features. The only common thing in both of them is that they both help in automating business processes. Here are some key differences between Visual Workflow and Workflow:- Flows are apps which are triggered by user instead of an event which is the case with Workflow rules. Visual workflow offers screens for...

Google Apps integration with Salesforce.


If an organization uses Salesforce and Google Apps, we can enable connection between them. This will enable user to track the email conversation with customers in salesforce. Also allows us to link Google Docs with a customer’s record. Steps to follow:- Step 1: Configuring Google Apps Domain settings. Go to Setup| Administer |Google Apps| Settings page in Salesforce. Click Edit. Choose a user for...