AuthorSomya Jain

Realtime Updates WIth Mongodb


What do we mean by a real-time database?As the name suggests if we get updates from our database as soon as they occur, ie, in real-time, we call it a real-time database. The data with clients are in constant sync with the database. What are some use cases for real-time updates?– Real-Time Notifications – Real-Time Analytics – Event-Driven Architecture– Reactive Systems...

Enhance User Experience With Suitable Rendering Pattern


Every web developer wants to make their website load as fast as possible, slow websites end up losing users and thus business. Rendering patterns that suits an e-commerce platform may not be suitable for a news publishing website. Rendering patterns focus on how to give pages to the user. Should we create the pages and store them on build time and serve when requested, or create a page only when...