AuthorShivani Kumbhar

Redux vs Context API : How to choose?


Bit confused, about when, how, and where to use redux and context API. Let’s take a brief look. We have a simple application named as Movie app. In that movie app, we have basic three-component search, login, and movies. If we want to share data between these components then quite easy than nested child components in one big app that leads to prop drilling. So, to solve the prop drilling issue...

How Hooks Changed The Game?


Q. What are hooks? Ans: Hooks are a new feature addition in react version 16.8, allowing you to use react features without writing a class. Hooks don’t work inside the classes. Ex. State of components. Hooks don’t contain any breaking changes and the hooks release is 100% backward-compatible  Motivation for hooks Why did the react team always feel that there was a necessity for a react...

Learn About B2C Commerce Campaigns and Promotions


Everyone in the world loves getting a discount. With SFCC Business Manager, you can create various discounts that drive sales and make all shoppers happy.In SFCC Business Manager, you configure discounts as promotions and group multiple promotions into campaigns. For example, create a campaign to push new spring apparel, such as traditional dresses, lightweight dresses, and sportswear. Here are...

Commerce Cloud and Sales Cloud Integration


If you want to store or fetch data from any cloud to a commerce cloud, we want to do API integration i.e Commerce cloud sales cloud integration. The site is created in the commerce cloud and if you want to store form data in the sales cloud. For API integration use postman. Postman is an application used for API testing. It is an HTTP client that tests HTTP requests, utilizing a graphical...