Artificial Intelligence Solution with Machine Learning

Predictive Analysis, Deep Learning & Neural Networks,Natural Language Processing, Image processing, Chat Bot

Expertise &Experiences

Artificial Intelligence Solution with Machine Learning

Nanostuffs provide artificial intelligence solutions to help organisation automate processes and leverage from machine learning tools. We have extensive expertise in supervised as well as unsupervised machine learning. With deep understanding of AI , we have made our expertise in Video Intelligence, Speech Recognition, Image processing and many more.

Predictive Analysis

Nanostuffs has extensive experience in doing predictive analysis in business activities to better understand customers, with the goal of predicting buying patterns, potential risks, and likely opportunities. Also includes Optimizing marketing campaigns,Improving operations , Fraud detection, Risk Assessment, Health prediction etc..

Deep Learning & Neural Networks

The experts at Nanostuffs can read human written numbers, can increase customer experience which includes online self-service solutions and to create reliable workflows using Deep learning and neural networks.

Natural Language Processing

Nanostuffs deliver advanced solutions that derive semantic information—entities, concepts, keywords, relations and emotions—from human speech and language on emails, social media, and web apps using NLP.

Image processing

Nanostuffs expert team of developers have experience in Real-time object detection and tracking, Human faces detection, Image matching, Document validation and verification using Machine Learning algorithms. With high end GPUs all of these possible with highest speed and accuracy.

Chat Bot

Nanostuffs has extensive experience in developing interactive text and voice driven chatbots that provide an alternative and preferred medium of human to machine interaction. With different algorithms in place, we provide highest accuracy to machine replies.