Get SIM card details of iPhone

Here is the code to get SIM card details of iPhone

1) Add CoreTelephony framework

2) Import following libraries

#import <CoreTelephony/CTCarrier.h>

#import <CoreTelephony/CTTelephonyNetworkInfo.h>

3) Use this code to get details

CTTelephonyNetworkInfo* info = [[CTTelephonyNetworkInfo alloc] init];

CTCarrier* carrier = info.subscriberCellularProvider;

NSString *carrierName = carrier.carrierName;

NSLog(@”carrier : %@”, carrier);

// Here are some parameters

//NSString *mobileCountryCode = carrier.mobileCountryCode;

//NSString *isoCountryCode = carrier.isoCountryCode;

//NSString *mobileNetworkCode = carrier.mobileNetworkCode;




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