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Salesforce recently launched Wave, a new Business Intelligence & Analytics platform. With more than approximately 25 million users and 100,000 customers, Salesforce users are surely excited with the news about Wave, with hope and optimism that it will enhance their BI and analytics capabilities.
Gartner analysts wrote shortly following the announcement of Wave that “’s entry into the BI and analytics market is likely to accelerate cloud BI adoption by BI and analytics leaders,” and that “Wave’s launch will offer an alternative to existing cloud BI offerings for BI and analytics leaders whose companies need to integrate and analyze data.”

Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, enables everyone in your organization to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point-and-click visual interface. Whether you’re on a desktop browser or an iOS mobile device—even the new Apple Watch™—you can get the answers you need from your data to run your business. Our latest round of features and enhancements makes it even easier to get value out of your data, fast.
Wave is Available for an extra cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions
Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, is designed to offer a data anaysis tool that is not exclusively used by data analysts. The mobile-first app can be used by all kinds of business users looking for quick and searchable access to business data. The interface is designed to make understanding data more intuitive. Wave combines data from other apps managing sales, service and marketing, as well as 3rd-party systems and machine-generated data.

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud app Wave allows you to create, deploy and manage data sets, you can also combine datasets and build interactive dashboards to visually represent this data. The high-speed search-based query index lets you discover, measure, personalize, group, filter and share data insights and dashboards with team members on the go. Wave offers high-level data protection and role-based access to keep all your important metrics secure.
Mobile First: Wave was designed for smartphone and tablet use first, but also works seamlessly on desktop and laptops.
Key-value Store: Wave is based on a key-value-store, NoSQL database meaning you can bring all data from 3rd party apps and your desktop into the system easily.
Data for All: Wave provides insights and reports for back-end, front-end, end-user and developers to query and analyze the KPIs that interest them.
Secure Data: Wave can meet high-level data privacy and data security requirements for analyzing confidential data.
Multiple Dashboards: Create dashboards for multiple datasets and to meet a variety of business, departmental and individual KPI analyses.
Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud offers the following features:
• Self service access to data
• Build mixed data dashboards
• Search-based data
• Measure, group, filter,view & share data
• Mobile device access
• Present data on smart phones
• Build mobile-first analytics apps
• Native salesforce integration
• Field level security and role based hierarchy controls
• High Speed Search-Based Query Index
• Dynamic Visualization Engine
• Massively parallel processing,
• Key-value pair data ingestion
• 100% Vertical Integration
• Mobile-first

Salesforce Analytics Cloud has typical customers like Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business
Salesforce Analytics Cloud offers Phone Support, Video Tutorials
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