Sales Path

The Sales Path is designed to guide your sales representative through the sales process from within Salesforce1, to ensure that at each stage of the sales cycle, they can focus on getting the right information together to make sure the deal is won!

Basically, at each stage of an Opportunity, simply show the Sales person exactly what fields are needed for an Opportunity on that stage AND what guidance or tools might have them move a deal forward from that stage.

Resolution –

*Note – You need to enable Sales Path from the Setup menu.

Customize | Sales Path | Settings, then click Enable

Once you have enabled the Sales Path, you can then proceed to set up your Sales Path. Each Sales Path is specific to a record type and is reflective of the sales process assigned to that record type.

Setting up Sales Path

Consider, for example, that you have two Opportunity record types – one for New Sales Contracts and one for Renewal Contracts. The sales process for a first sale, as opposed to a renewal sale, can often be very different. For this reason, you may have 2 different record types, with different information required as well as different sales stages within the sales cycle. In this scenario, you would require two different Sales Paths to be set up, one for new sales contracts and one for renewal contracts. This will give you the flexibility to customise the sales path to be most appropriate for the type of sale in question.

Sales Path 1



Next add in Fields for each stage – 

When setting up a Sales Path, you can specify against each stage the fields you want the sales representative to complete, as well as some guidance text. The guidance text could be ideas on how to complete each field correctly, or could include useful links to chatter posts or best practices. Once you have completed this for every sales stage, you are ready to activate and get started!

Sales Path 2






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