How to signed Blackberry Application

Code Signing in not required when applications are loaded and tested on a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.
Developers order code signing keys from RIM, and receive a set of files that are then installed on their development machine.  The BlackBerry development tools are then able to provide these key files to the BlackBerry Signature Tool when the developer requests that their application be signed.  The BlackBerry Signature applies a unique signature, representing the identity of the developer, to all *.cod files that compose a BlackBerry application.  Developers should not share their code signing keys with others.

As explained below, the complete steps for setting up and using BlackBerry code signing process are:

1.Order Code Signing Keys from RIM

Developers can register there code signing keys online using this link.

2.Install Code Signing Keys

An email will be sent to the address used during the registration process.  This email will include attached code signing key files, and instructions for how these files should be installed.

All code signing keys received need to be installed on the same PC.  The same password must be specified for all keys on the same PC.You should receive each key/.csi file in a separate email message.

To register the attachment, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Save all 3 .csi files, sent via email, into the same directory.
  2. Start Eclipse®.
  3. Click on the Window® menu item and then Preferences.  Expand the BlackBerry Java Plug-in and select “Install new Keys…”.
  4. Select one of the 3 .csi files saved in step 1 and click Open.
  5. Click “Yes” to create a new key pair file.
  6. Type a password for your private key of at least 8 characters, and type it again to confirm.  This is your private key password, which protects your private key. Please remember this password as you will be prompted for it each time signing is attempted or a signature key is installed.
  7. Move your mouse to generate date for a new private key.
  8. In the “Registration PIN” field, type the PIN number that you supplied when purchasing signature keys.
  9. In the Private Key password field, type the password created in step 6.
  10. Click “Register”.
  11. Click “Exit”.
  12. Repeat this process for the other csi files.

3. Sign Application using blackberry Developement tool.

  1. Right click on your project in the Package Explorer window
  2. Expand the “BlackBerry” menu item
  3. Select “Sign with Signature Tool”
  4. Enter the signing password you defined when installing your signature keys.


By using this we can Signed our Blackberry Application.

Thank you.


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