How to Send Email through Simulator in blackberry

If you are using Blackberry Java Eclipse Plugins then follow the steps.

Step-1:   a) Sending Email Without Attachment.

//Get the Store from the default mail Session.
Store store = Session.getDefaultInstance().getStore();

//retrieve the sent folder
Folder[] folders = store.list(Folder.SENT);
Folder sentfolder = folders[0];

//create a new message and store it in the sent folder
Message msg = new Message(sentfolder);
Address recipients[] = new Address[1];

recipients[0]= new Address(“”, “testmail”);

//add the recipient list to the message
msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, recipients);

//set a subject for the message
msg.setSubject(“Test email”);

//sets the body of the message
msg.setContent(“This is a test email from my BlackBerry device”);

//sets priority

//send the message

Dialog.alert(“Email sent successfully..”);

catch (Exception me)

b) Sending Email With Attachment:-

//create a multipart
Multipart mp = new Multipart();

//data for the content of the file
String fileData = “just a simple test n just a simple test”;
String messageData = “WelCome”;

//create the file
SupportedAttachmentPart sap = new
SupportedAttachmentPart(mp,”text/txt”,”test.txt”, fileData.getBytes());

TextBodyPart tbp = new TextBodyPart(mp,messageData);

//add the message and file to the multipart

//create a message in the sent items folder
Folder[] folders = Session.getDefaultInstance().getStore().list(Folder.SENT);

Message message = new Message(folders[0]);

//add recipients to the message and send
Address toAdd = new Address(“”,”smita”);
Address[] toAdds = new Address[1];
toAdds[0] = toAdd;
Dialog.alert(“Email sent successfully..”);

catch (Exception e)


Step-2:  Follow this path


and run “load.bat” file.

fill the required things for example email id, incomming – outgoing server name. and click Load Test.The Load Test Window will open.

Step-3: Run your application.

By using this we can send our email on any account like gmail,yahoo,etc.through simulator.

Thank you.




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