Buttons not working on visualforce pages in partner or customer portal. [solved]

Recently I came across this weird problem for which I couldnt find any help on Internet. I created a visualforce page having several buttons & input fields. Some of the buttons were redirecting to other pages & some doing processing on same page.

This page when logged in from Salesforce were working perfectly, the buttons were behaving properly as supposed to but when accessing the same page from Customer or Partner portal were not executing any button click event.

After a lot of review & trial & error methods I finally solved the problem. There are usually two solutions for this:

1. Check if required=true is mentioned for any input field. If yes, the page will not be redirected.

2. Distribute & Group buttons/links in several <form> & </form> tags. Usually we embed entire visualforce page code into one form tag. I tried to logically groups buttons in separate form tags & it solved my problem.

Hope this helps you because I was going nuts trying to solve this issue.

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