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Set default values in (email template)fields in place of NULL value.

If you would like to replace the variable tag (in email template ) with a default value if there is “NULL” value in that field.
For Example : First name variable tag – If there is a value in first name field of prospect than it should display “Hello John”. If there is null value than it should display “Hello Sir/ Ma’am”.


You can check the checkbox “Set a default mail merge value to be used when this field doesn’t have a value” and can set the default value in the first name field.

Below are the steps :

1. Navigate to Administration | Configure Fields | Prospect Fields.

2. Find the field you want to work with and click Edit.

3. Mark Set a default mail merge value to be used when this field doesn’t have a value.

4. Enter Default Mail Merge Value, then save the field.


Article for reference :

How to suppress domain name & list of prospect.

Create the list and import the details of prospect that you would like to suppress.
Steps to create a list :
Marketing > Segmentation > lists > add list
Now Import the prospects : 
Admin > Import > prospect
Once the list has been created and the prospects are added to the list we need to create an automation rule.
Steps to create automation rule :
Marketing > Automaton > Automation Rules > Add rule > fill details
Rule :
Match type -> match any
– Prospect list is a member of suppression list
– Prospect default field : Email : contains : “specify restricted domain name”
Action :
Change prospect default fields : field “do not email” : select “do not email”
Save automation rule

How to create landing page using html/css code.

If we already have the html/css code we can easily create the landing page without doing much coding work.
1) We just need to create a layout template by copying the html/css code.
Steps : Marketing > Landing page > Layout template > Add layout template > fill the details > paste the html/css code.
Upload the css , js & image files in pardot and replace the links of these files with the files you uploaded in pardot.
A) If there is a form in your landing page :
Create a form handler. Create the same fields which is there in the form.
Steps : Marketing > forms >  form handlers > add form handler
Once the form handler has been created copy the source code link and add that link to the layout template in the “form action” tag.
B) No form : 
If there is no form added in the landing page than we just need to create the landing page directly using layout template.
2) Now create landing page without code :
Steps : Marketing > Landing page > add landing page > fill the required details > select no form > select template > Confirm & save

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