Browse Author: Neha Thakur

Track prospects who have not opened the email without using ‘Engagement Studio’.

Unfortunately, at this time in pardot there is no default option on the email reports to view prospects who have not open the email.

With this limitation in mind, Now we can pull a list of prospects that have not opened a particular email using tags and a dynamic list.

Eg: Consider I have send an email “ SUBJECT_TEST” to 1000 of my prospects out of which 600 prospects have opened this email and their names can be seen under “unique HTML click open” but there is no option to see the names of the prospects who have not opened the email.

The steps would be roughly as follows:

1.) In the email report click on ‘Unique HTML Opens’

2.) Select all prospects in the prospect table and bulk add a tag to them using the table action at the bottom of the page e.g. unopened – email X – 8.11.17

3.) Return to the email report and click on ‘Total Sent’

4.) Select all prospects in the prospect table and bulk add a different tag using a table action e.g. sent – email X – 8.11.17

5.) Create a new dynamic list with the below criteria

Prospect tag : is : sent – email X – 8.11.17

Prospect tag : isn’t : unopened – email X – 8.11.17

This will allow you to pull an exportable list of all prospects who were sent a particular email but did not open it.

Prospect Account Score.

Lets see how to check “Prospect Account Score”.

We are already familiar with how to check prospect score, below are the steps where we can also see prospect account score.

Steps: Prospect > Prospect Account > “AVG. PROSPECT SCORE” – this will show account score .

Under prospect account we can also check prospects based upon accounts with their activity and score.

Also if your pardot is integarted with salesforce we can create a report to check the prospect account score.

Below is the article link for the same.