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How to Integrate Pardot with WordPress via Contact Form 7

When you want to submit your form to third-party CRM like (pardot, Salesforce, MailChimp etc.) or if you want to
change action URL of the form please following steps.

To get this to work you need to have following things.

1.   WordPress website
2.  Contact Form7 Plugin – WordPress Plugin
3.  Forms: 3rd Party Integration – WordPress Plugin
4.  Pardot and the ability to create form handler

1. Create a Form using Contact Form7 which you want to submit on third-party CRM.
2. Create a Form Handler on pardot for the fields which you have used in contact form7 form.
3. Go to WordPress admin panel -> Contact -> 3rd party Services

i.  Now click on ‘[+]3rd-Party Service: Pardot‘ and give some service name.
ii. Next, you have to add 3rd party action URL into ‘Submission URL

Imp Note:  Action URL into ‘Submission URL’ must be HTTPS. This plugin does not support HTTP URL.
select the form from ‘Attach to Forms’ options

iii. Now you have to map your contact form fields with pardot form fields. Enter all contact form fields into
‘Form submission Field’ column and all pardot fields into ‘3rd-Party Field’ column.

Imp Note:  Values of ‘Form submission Field’ and ‘3rd-Party Field‘ must be identical. Small space or difference will break your submission.

iv. Next setup redirect URL into Contact Form7 settings.
v.  Now copy contact Form7 shortcode and paste it into any page.That’s it.

What is REST API in PHP?

Before explaining what is ‘REST API‘ we should know what is ‘REST’ and ‘API’.

REST stands for ‘Representational State Transfer’. REST is web standards-based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for exchanging data between applications or systems. It is a simple way to interact with independent systems.

API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’. Basically, these are small functions which allow two different systems to talk/interact with each other.

In many applications REST API’s are used because it’s a simple and lightest way to Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) data between different applications over the internet. To develop Android, IOS mobile apps REST APIs are being used.

When you hit an API your request is being sent to the remote server, then it performs some required functions and returns its response in JSON or in XML format.

In REST API following HTTP methods are used,

GET – Use to retrieve data.
POST – It is used to add or insert data into a database.
PUT/PATCH – It is used to update any existing records.
DELETE – To delete any existing records DELETE method is used.

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